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madebypaint's beautiful furniture paints and finishes are Australia's best range of chalk and clay paints and finishes.
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250 ML

A soft, warm, pale grey. Perfect for a weathered driftwood finish.


Engrained is a water based all in one stain and topcoat sealant, formulated for use over raw timber. Easy to apply, odourless and eco-friendly, it delivers a highly durable, impervious protective matt finish. Suitable for interior and exterior use, and for high traffic surfaces including counter/table tops, kitchen/bathroom cabinets.

Ensure the surface is clean and free from mould, dirt, dust, grease and wax. Shake the tin prior to opening. Stir well with a broad flat stirrer before use. Decant the required amount into a suitable container to work from. Reseal the tin airtight for longevity. Apply an even coat following the grain, using a lint free cloth, brush, sponge or foam roller. The surface will be touch dry in 30 minutes, and may be recoated after 2 hours. Lightly sand between coats should the grain become raised. A two coat application is recommended. One coat will deliver a matt sheen wash effect – use Bare Grain Clear as the final coat where no further opacity is required. Two coats will deepen the colour opacity. Three coats will produce full coverage. Allow 7 days to fully cure before use.