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The Krex® is a light weight 100% synthetic monofilament brush, and delivers an exceptionally smooth finish. Ideal for Mineral Paints. Made In Italy.

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Since 1946, Gava have been making professional quality brushes to the highest environmental and technical standards. This Krex® brush works well with all types of paint, varnishes and enamels, but is especially good when using water-based Mineral Paints. The Krex® synthetic monofilament is extruded from a mixture of polyesters, integrated with special additives and tapered by a chemical process. They absorb very little water, do not swell, and hence deliver a consistent performance. It retains and releases paint brilliantly, and is easy to clean. This light weight brush is manufactured with a stainless steel ferrule, and varnished blue plastic handle.

Size (LxW) 210mm x 30mm