FAQ’s - madebypaint
Made by paint is an Australian made chalk paint. Based in Brisbane, this is the best safe non-toxic Eco-friendly chalk furniture in Australia
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MADE BY PAINT provides simple and easy to use Australian made products for all your furniture painting requirements.

CHALK & CLAY PAINT is hand crafted from a unique blend of chalk, clay and natural pigments and is so easy to use. Our paint has amazing opacity, and delivers a beautiful velvety, chalky, matt finish. Available in 44 beautiful colours it is perfect for creating so many different looks to your furniture.

Is there a colour chart?

Yes it is available online. Did you know that we’ve tried really hard to match the colour dots on the front of our tins to the actual paint colour itself? …. give or take slight variations from printing restrictions. Our paints are complex in formulation and have a depth of character to them. We have made every attempt to ensure our colour charts are as accurate as possible but the outcome will often depend on a number of factors. The final colour may appear to vary slightly and that may be due to application methods, the type of painting techniques used and the choice of finishing topcoats to seal. All this adds to creating unique characteristics to anything you choose to paint, that’s why it’s fun to experiment and get your creative on!

Why use MadeByPaint?

One of the main reasons behind our complete range of paint products is to give you the ability and confidence to have fun and simply paint! Come on there are a trillion products out there on the market and it can be totally confusing and overwhelming which is why we developed MadeByPaint. Our paint does the hard work for you by removing the hassle of prep, sanding, stripping existing finishes etc and provides you with the versatility to be creative in so many different ways. Our Chalk & Clay Paint has a slight texture to its finish due to its high clay content and is designed to give an earthy, flat-matt finish.

Do I need to use a bonding agent/undercoat to make the paint stay on?

No – It’s been formulated to be used without the added time and cost of using a primer or bonding agent.

Will this paint go ‘hard’?

It dries to a robust, durable finish better to withstand general wear and tear but is still easy to sand and distress.

What is the coverage?

Our paints have amazing opacity but it all depends on the surface you are painting and the look you want to create. Normally one coat coverage and a slightly diluted second coat of paint is all a piece will need.

How many coats of paint should I expect to use … for whites especially?

It all depends on the substrate, the application method used and the finish you want but usually 2 coats max for total coverage.

What kind of brush do I use?

Any brush or roller. A sprayer can also be used if you dilute the paint to make it runnier.

Does this paint smell?

No, and it is non-toxic.

What is the shelf life – opened and unopened?

Unopened – it can last for years. Opened – we recommend with all our paints not to paint directly from the tin. Dispense what you will need for your project into another container and paint from this. This will prevent cross-contamination from spores, dust, dirt, brushes etc. Always reseal the paint tin to keep it clean and air tight for longevity.

Will this paint ‘go off’?

Possibly if cross-contamination occurs or if the paint tin is not sealed properly – just like any paint would.

Can I distress (shabby) this paint?

Yes you can distress using a damp cloth or sandpaper. The easiest time to distress is when the paint is touch dry, usually 30 mins after application.

Can I mix the colours?

You sure can that’s part of the fun! You can also layer colours (see painting techniques).

Can I add decoupage/ glues/ furniture mouldings over this paint?


Can I stencil with this paint?


Can I paint fabric with this paint?


Can I use this paint for outside furniture?

Yes if the furniture is sheltered and not in direct sunlight. If exposed to full sun then our paint can still be used but we recommend a UV protective topcoat sealant.

How long does it take for this paint to dry and what is the cure time?

Very quickly depending on conditions. Touch dry in 30 mins. Recoat after 2 hrs. 24 hrs before the application of a topcoat finish. 7 days cure time.

Do I have to seal this paint?

You don’t have to but we would recommend you do as our paints (excluding Metallics) are naturally porous and a topcoat sealant will penetrate and protect the paint from general wear and tear.

Can I seal this paint with a polyurethane / waxes / oils?

Yes – Our paints can be topcoated with any suitable products on the market, but our Finishes Range have been tested specifically to accompany and enhance our paints.